For those interested in my group

For students who would like me as a supervisor

  • I can accept students from "Mathematical Informatics".
    For more details, see "For master course" or "For Ph.D course" in below.
  • Our 5th Lab introduction in Entrance Exam Briefing 2023 will be scheduled via onsite/online on 14:30 - 16:30 (JST), 20th May (Sat), 2023.

For master course

  • Check here for my research interests and (FY2018, FY2019, FY2020, FY2021 and FY2022 in Japanese) for more detailed research topics.
  • To enjoy research in my group, reasonably strong math background may be necessary. When you pass the entrance exam and if you are assigned to my group, I'm glad to supervise you.
  • I'm sorry but I will not accept research students except for MEXT scholarship receivers before passing the entrance exam.
  • If you want to talk with me about my research group, Entrance Exam Briefing is the best chance to do that. I often have requests to meet me / visit my research group. But I can not respond to each person's request. Please use the opportunity of the entrance examination briefing. Some students/post-docs of my research group and myself will be there.

For Ph.D course

    Please contact me by the end of April before Entrance Exam Briefing (will be held at the end of May). Check Admission Guide for Doctoral Program as well as the schedule of Entrance Exam Briefing from here. I want to know your past/current research results and research topics you want to study in the Ph.D course. In oral examination of the entrance examination, Ph.D candidate's research ability will be evaluated. I also expect you to be independent and motivated researchers.

About internship students or research students

    I can not accept internship students or research students except for MEXT scholarship receivers because of too many requests.

Seeking research scientist or postdoctoral researcher

  • Now, Continuous Optimization Team at RIKEN AIP is seeking a Research Scientist or Postdoctoral Researcher.
  • Basically, those who have obtained a doctoral degree within 5 years will be hired as postdocs, and those who have more than 5 years will be hired as researchers.